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  1. BeardyTheDwarf

    BeardyTheDwarf Naked Wanderer

    Hello everyone i realize i'm probably not the first one to ask but reign of kings decided to update yesterday
    after the update i got back on my server and it seems none of the mods i had in place were functioning i figured perhaps i got to remove the plugins and re-add them with no results at the moment
    Does this mean i have to do a complete reinstall of the server in order for Oxide to function ?

    Please let me know

    Warm Regards
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Oxide is a mod, so you'd need to re-install it after each game update.
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  3. BeardyTheDwarf

    BeardyTheDwarf Naked Wanderer

    Thanks for the heads up first time i'm running my own server hehe
    My apologies if i seemed a little dumb

    Thank you for making this all possible !
    Getting alot of positive comments from the people on the server