1. Hi.

    I install hurt server linux VPS.
    I download file Oxide for Hurtworld unzip and upload to server.
    Restart server = auto create folder oxide
    I upload two plugin to folder: /oxide/plugins
    Ok I restart server.. and plugin not working...
    I chat command
    • /tpr nameuser Send teleport request
    and not working,....

    what am I doing wrong?
  2. Maybe your server update on each restart and it uninstall oxide?
  3. Can you attach your gamelog.txt?
  4. Server is update
    do I have to make permissions?
    how to do it?
    file: tscg.pl/gamelog.txt
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  5. Something is wrong with your server, compiler isn't working

    Compiler may not be set as executable; chmod +x or 0744/0755 required

    Error while compiling: compiler v0.0.0.0 couldn't be started
  6. Now you have to give yourself permission from each plugin, for that you may read plugin overview to find permission and user o.grant command
  7. I want everyone to be able to use:

    give me please an example because I do not know what is going on with permision
  8. post in plugin topic for support