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  1. PsychoTea

    PsychoTea Plugin Developer

    Hey all

    I've been developing Rust plugins (C#) for about a year now, and I'm looking for some work. If anyone needs any custom plugins made, editing of an existing plugin, or help with writing your own hit me up on Steam: PsychoTea.
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  2. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Plugin Developer

    Did a very good job, would definitely recommend him in the feature. Made some cool plugins for UK Wasteland as well.
  3. 4lex

    4lex Wood Hoarder

    I added you on steam, I want something created :)
  4. PsychoTea

    PsychoTea Plugin Developer

    Thanks for the kind words bud :)

    Added you :)
  5. coopalooop22

    coopalooop22 Scavenger

    Pm'ed you with my steam info.
  6. PsychoTea

    PsychoTea Plugin Developer

    Added you
  7. FTM

    FTM Wood Hoarder

    sent you an invite on steam.
  8. odies

    odies Naked Wanderer

    Add me on steam. Send you request to friends (R4iZ3R11)
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  9. PsychoTea

    PsychoTea Plugin Developer

    Added :)