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  1. Silentscope420

    Silentscope420 Naked Wanderer

    So basically whats happening is that in order for my permissions and ranks, titles etc to work i must type the command /permission reload after EVERY retsart... So the code is obviously working because after i type /permission reload all the players ranks and titles and color changes appear instantly. However after each restart everyone except a handful of players that were changed on the old map i again have to type /permission reload. :(

    So I have a hunch it has something to do with my old map, when i changed from Gameservers.com to Survivalservers.com i saved the entire slotX folder with the map data and all the user data and just dropped that into the saves folder via the FTP, So my guess is that the old user data (that is working properly" is conflicting with the new user data the server had created and instead of loading the permissions properly on the new permission folder somehow the old data is taking priority.

    My objective is to start the permissions folder over from scratch and delete ALL player data without losing the bases on the map, Even if I have to individually help each player recrest their base as long as the permissions are working properly im willing to do this.