1. Hi,

    I have registered a map on beancon.io to use it with LustyMap plugin three weeks go.

    It's still pending. Neither rejected nor authorised . Anybody else with this experience?

    Did they "close the shop"?
  2. you have to make your server profile on that site look like it's legit you have to actually write down the description of your server and take your time doing so as well it's mandatory that you have a proper server banner if they don't think you put the effort into it you will never get verified.
  3. Low quality, testing server, and private server entries are rejected. We get 100 submissions per day, and we aren't going to list servers that degrade the quality of our server list.

    Tips To Get Listed
    Do not enter the country in your server name like "[EU]" or "[US]"
    Enter atleast 3 tags, look at other popular servers and see which tags are common
    Enter a detailed description. "Hello, welcome" is totally unacceptable and will be revoked.
    Upload a banner, put in 10 minutes in GIMP and create a basic banner. It doesn't need to be fancy, but anything is better than nothing
    Have atleast a basic website

    Tips To Get Revoked And Banned
    Post the same server multiple times
    Repeatedly posting gibberish entries
    Posting malware
    No tags
    No banner
    Rust.IO Maps
    Note: a website is not required but it helps considerably.
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  4. The site administrators are very well active, however, it may take some time before they get to your post as there are several others ahead of you. Give it a few weeks and if nothing changes try to re-submit.
  5. I will :) Thank you.
  6. Same thing to us, 2 request still in pending since 1 month
  7. It's relatively difficult because there's tens of thousands spam listings, if you'd like me to accept your server PM me the name and I'll take care of it when I have time.
  8. Calytic

    Calytic Community Admin Community Mod

    Sorry for the delay folks. Feel free to PM me as well, please include the link to the post. Thanks.
  9. Rust.IO maps get you banned/revoked??? But maps change twice a week on my server??