1. Will you able to add hook when player learned BP?
  2. both. start and end. check those api endpoints
  3. Pretty sure he wants when a player learns a new blueprint.
    Looks like OnItemResearched exists already in the Oxide github.

    You could use OnitemUse and check if its a blueprint
    public void OnItemUse(Item item, int amountToUse)
        if (item.IsBlueprint())
            Puts("Item name: " + item.blueprintTargetDef.displayName.english);
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  4. I know about it, but I can’t return false to block learning BP.
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Own patch doesn’t really work if you distrib for public or private plugins. Generally requests are for this purpose.
  6. im currently ussing a custom oxide patch i just repatch my file over the latest oxide always seem to work fine but im still waiting till u would like to implement Request - Workbench_CanBeginExperiment Hook - Rust future then i dont have to repatch it all the time and i might see a new way for people to have more controle in Blueprints
  7. @Wulf is fully correct.