1. Looking to try and see a plugin made that will allow players to turn notes into a book that you can page through via a << >> button gui (Essentially letting users page through notes strung together to make a readable book)

    The end goal here (I run an rp server) is to be able to have players create books with stories histories, faction lore and the like that can be saved and made available from era to era. As well as a copy of the rules I can let people get in game)

    A stretch addition to this project is being able to preserve those books in a server file (preferably plaintext) for me to be able to make certain books eternal ( ie carry between wipes). And be able to be added to loot tables (an additional drop from barrels) so that my players can find lore books as they are out farming as a way to introduce then to lore and role-play with the best examples of what my server has had to offer in it’s lifetime.

    This is not something I would want to hoard for myself/my server as I believe plugins are for the benefit of all servers/communities and you would be free to release/make available as you wish.

    I recognize this might be a difficult plugin though I suspect that it is possible. If I have learned anything from seeing my former developer work his magic there is a lot that can be done in rust that hasn’t been done yet.


    In a magical ideal world this would be a freebie out of the love of rp and the desire to create a unique plugin. But I’m realistic and suspect that’s not an option so if it’s not im open to see if we can find something we can agree on to get this accomplished.
  2. hell oooOO
    I started something around this, called "IslandStoriesRP".
    Ideas :
    • a mailbox has to be set in a main town or main place of interest etc
    • every notes dropped in it will be saved
    • every week, notes of the week are saved and gathered as a book (as i've already done a cui which looks like a book)
    • i'll make a skin workshop for some differents books icons looks
    • by random, books will be choosen to appear by random in loot containers
    • each page displayed will be a note, with name of writter; with all classics next/prev/etc functions on this really great book cui in fullscreen

    as the wonderful umod/oxide team is really busy with the new umod.org
    i did stop my uploads here,
    for questions/answers etc., guess : private meeeee !