1. Hello, i seeking help because i wanted to try make a map to hurtworld but i cant do it because i get so many errors to do so. I followed Hurtworld tutorial in Youtube video but when i came in 3th video where it shows how add / spawn Creatures & Resources that gives me a lots of problems. At video it shows that needs to create empty gameobject and name it spawnermap and when it types in "Add Component" section that Creature Spawn Director (Script) that part i don't get in my unity. In my screen it shows only "New Script" and when i add that script it just gives me that yellow triangle as something is wrong in that script. I use Unity 2018.2.2f1 (64-bit) July version and HurtWorld SDK is made by Unity 5.3.2 P4 witch is like in 2016? So those scripts can be outdated or something i don't know. Can anyone help me how i could get Resources + Creatures script working? I really want make a map but only those scripts wont work or thats where is my stuck point atm.