1. How can I make my server description use new lines each sentence? I want it to be read like this..

  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Use \n after each line.
  3. Thank you Wulf!
  4. How do I add line breaks for a server description? Please do not move me and on EXPERIMENTAL PLEASE!

    "Line 1
    Line 2"

    Also, what is the resolution of the server starting image above the description? Cannot find it?
  5. Should be 512 x 256
    and \n should help
  6. Thank you!
  7. Might be stupid question, but how that \n should work? i cant get lines to separate rows. (working only with that .bat or can i use it from console?)
  8. like this:

    server.description "My Server \n is nice \n on different rows \n Tadaa!"
  9. Actually, you'd probably want (if Rust implements newlines like everyone else)
    server.description "My Server \nis nice \non different rows \nTadaa!"
    instead to avoid the leading space (although I'm not sure how Rust handles this).
  10. Yeah nor me, that's why i handled it that way all the time
  11. Small part from my bat file
    \nA huge map for your exploration needs.\nWhere you can build your base and combat your neighbours.\nNow with new Crafting skills as your skill gets higher your crafting time gets lower.\n\nPLUGINS\nAntiCheat - Custom Warps - Clans - Compass - Teleport - Removertool - LiveMap - Friendly Fire - Trade - QuickSmelt - QuickSort - RankME - SignArtist - StackSizes \nand many more"
  12. Thank you. so I will change mine now ;)
  13. How do I make another line because when I put all of my info on the server name it cuts it of
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    For the description? Use the \n newline character. You can't use multiple lines in the server name itself.
  15. I'm working in my serverauto.cfg file. How do I make a new line in my server desription?
  16. I think adding \n will break the lines.

    Like :

    This is line 1 \n This is line 2 \n This is line 3
  17. Worked! Thanks.
  18. do you need a space before and after.... ex my server \n wiped \n today
    or my server\nwiped\ntoday
  19. No, it would be \n Server wiped today. (new line)\n Welcome to the server.
  20. ok thank you. So no space between last line and\n but a space after the \n... :)