1. I would like to know where I can learn how to make plugins for oxide itemsV2 servers and what language to use. If C sharp is an option I would like to use it since I'm using these plugins as an excuse to learn languages and stop using construct 3.
  2. Yeah I believe all Oxide plugins are written in C#. If you want to learn and you don't have any friend who know how this works or could teach you, you must start looking at the existing plugins and see how the things work (thats how I started), try to learn the basic fuctions how they work and how they were implemented. I'm still learning almost everyday tho, you need to be patient because its really demotivator and complex in the beginning. Also you can post in here and Oxide guys gon help you for sure or explain you something.
  3. I don't really care how long this takes as I'm mostly using it as an learning experience.
    I'm trying to make a battle royale plugin so I need players to teleport to a lobby (a point set by a command) when they spawn and have a queuing system for matches with varying player limits (1 on 1, 4 player free for all, 8 player free for all), have them teleport to ordered points after que, have chests fill with random loot, and have a currency such as points given to the winner, while teleporting them back to lobby after they win. Another complexity to the plugin is having multiple areas as "maps" so that queuing doesn't mean having to wait til the current match is over.
    Any help with this would be awesome, but for now I'l do what klauz24 said and look into other plugins.
  4. Does anyone know any tutorials or have example plugins?
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    Itemv2 plugins are made the same as every other plugin on this site.
  6. So almost any Oxide plugin tutorial will be fine? That's pretty awesome, thanks for the help dude.