1. As I leave my hurtworld server in the spotlight I would like to know because we are the biggest server of South America
  2. Would be nice to see the devs feature a couple of the non-english servers since there certainly is playerbase to be recognized in other parts of the world as well.
  3. I had a server before on hurtworld which had a playerbase of 80 each day but since that ,the community of hurtworld sucks at that moment,
    I just decided to bring it down, and I'm a Dutch person by my self but I choose for an English server because there are more English people on hurtworld then dutch/Netherlands players, but if I'm going to start a hurtworld server again it will be an itemv2 server because its time to makes some changes,
    And yes even Dutch persons as English persons are welcome but the global chat will still be English otherways you'll get that the other person can't understand the other one,