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  1. Currently decompiling rust to look at how items are placed (like lanterns, etc.) As i need this concept as a part of a plug-in i wish to create.

    Was wondering if anyone has already discovered this? it'd mean a lot if someone was able to save me this time and let me know where to find it.
  2. This is kind of a hacky way to do it, I'm sure there are better ways, but here is how I normally spawn deployables.

    Item item = ItemManager.CreateByName("wall.external.high.stone", 1);
    var deployable = item.info.GetComponent<ItemModDeployable>().entityPrefab.resourcePath;
    var entity = GameManager.server.CreateEntity(deployable, position, rotation, true);
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  3. Thank you so much! I was just going through the files and really wasn't having a good time (I know i have all the files that contain the whole procedure but having to find the relevant code i need is time consuming going through loads of .cs files)

    From having read it it seems like it'd be good, i'll have a look.

    Thank you buddy!
  4. Unless you have a reason to keep the item, you don't need to create a new one. You can make that code a bit better by changing it from creating an item to simply finding the ItemDefinition:
                var def = ItemManager.FindItemDefinition("wall.external.high.stone");
                var deployable = def.GetComponent<ItemModDeployable>().entityPrefab.resourcePath;
                var entity = GameManager.server.CreateEntity(deployable, position, rotation, true);
  5. I'm planning on trying to deploy the item in the same way that items do in the game (With the blue gizmo) for the item i want to make placeable, i just needed a contingency solution incase i am unable.

    The items i want to spawn are permanent, but thank you for trying to help me out! :)