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  1. Hello,

    i want a plugin that saves players load out for example, we have a autokit so if players set like a scope on the ak or on the bolt u can do for example /loadout save, iknow costranostra has one but he does not wanna tell anything about it so. i was wondering if somone is able to make that i can pay a bit if needed=)

    Greetings Whoami
  2. Plugin is ready.
  3. Need something similar as well, Kappasaurus imposible to find , anyone else who can make one ? Il pay for it if necesarly , no problem !
  4. Wulf

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    The Kits plugin does this if you just want it on startup.
  5. You talking about autokit feature right ?
  6. I may just release it on Oxide, I've gotten 15 DMs about it.
  7. Well if you do that i dont mind at all !
  8. Add it into kits? ;)
  9. Not a Kits thing, it allows players to save their own personal item sets.
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  10. I have this plugin, PM me.
  11. does this addon have the option too "/loadout save" or not?
  12. Is the loadout save mod finished yet? If so, how much is it?
  13. About Loadout - PM me.
  14. Did u release this plugin?
  15. No, I wrote the original plugin and have been selling it for $25. When the uMod marketplace goes live I'll publish it.
  16. Was it published already?