1. Hello, i just figured out how to make myself admin on my new rust experimental server. i know how to spawn in wood,sleeping bags, stones, gunpowder only though. every time i go to spawn in a gun or ammo or anything else besides what i listed i can spawn in it says invalid item. example when i go to spawn in a thompson ill type inventory.give "thompson", doesnt work so i tired, inventory.give "Thompson", still doesnt work. what am i doing wrong here? i am using the correct item name as ingame but i think the item name for spawning is different then the item name ingame.
  2. The current items you can spawn are as follow (please note that not all are fully implemented yet and can't be used)


    • bow_hunting
    • knife_bone
    • pistol_eoka
    • pistol_revolver
    • rifle_bolt
    • shotgun_waterpipe
    • smg_thompson
    • spear_stone
    • spear_wooden
    • trap_bear
    • ammo_pistol
    • ammo_rifle
    • ammo_shotgun
    • arrow_wooden

    • c_door (this is a doorway)
    • c_door_wood
    • c_floor
    • c_floor_triangle
    • c_foundation (this is a building plan)
    • c_foundation_s
    • c_foundation_triangle
    • c_railing
    • c_stairs
    • c_wall
    • c_window
    • deployed_door
    • lock
    • woodendoorkey (useless to spawn, won't be linked to a lock)
    • bed
    • box_wooden
    • box_wooden_large
    • campfire
    • furnace
    • lantern
    • sleepingbag
    • bone_fragment
    • can_beans_empty
    • can_tuna_empty
    • charcoal
    • cloth
    • fat_animal
    • gunpowder
    • lowgradefuel
    • metal_fragments
    • metal_ore
    • paper
    • skull_human
    • skull_wolf
    • stones
    • sulfur
    • sulfur_ore
    • wood
    • bucket_helmet
    • burlap_gloves
    • burlap_shirt
    • burlap_shoes
    • burlap_trousers
    • coffeecan_helmet
    • hazmat_boots
    • hazmat_gloves
    • hazmat_helmet
    • hazmat_jacket
    • hazmat_pants
    • jacket_snow
    • jacket_urban_red
    • metal_facemask
    • metal_plate_torso
    • tshirt_green

    • axe_salvaged
    • flare
    • hammer
    • hammer_salvaged
    • hatchet
    • icepick_salvaged
    • pickaxe
    • rock
    • stonehatchet
    • torch
    Health stuff
    • antiradpills
    • bandage
    • blood
    • largemedkit
    • syringe_medical
    • apple
    • apple_spoiled
    • bearmeat
    • black
    • blueberries
    • can_beans
    • can_tuna
    • chicken_burned
    • chicken_cooked
    • chicken_raw
    • chicken_spoiled
    • chocolate
    • granolabar
    • humanmeat_burned
    • humanmeat_cooked
    • humanmeat_raw
    • humanmeat_spoiled
    • smallwaterbottle
    • wolfmeat_burned
    • wolfmeat_cooked
    • wolfmeat_raw
    • wolfmeat_spoiled
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  3. thank you so much[DOUBLEPOST=1412979552][/DOUBLEPOST]i found out that the command for the thompson isnt rifle_thompson its smg_thompson. but thanks still!
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  4. Excellent write up mate absolutely nothing to help us out there at this point.
    replace owner with moderator in cofig file for ya admins ey ;)

    If i happen to stumble on anythin i'll be sure to drop it down here
  5. is there a command for air drops
  6. If my memory serves me well, it should be event.run but chances are it's still bugged and always drops them in the center of the map.
  7. yeah it does
  8. Hey guys i dont find out where i must write my name ?
    to use commands ingame? can you help me? ^^
  9. i used rusty. what you do is install rusty sign into your server side console from it. type moderatorid then put your steam id and you then go back into rust, log off your server, log back on and you will have admin commands available
  10. Hi all
    I just want my server to be pve and no sleepers as well as be playable only by those in my steam grp and not be listed publicly.
    not asking much huh?
    this is my server config

    ##Current server cfg
    ##Do not edit these variables!
    rcon.password "$$admin_passwd$$"
    server.hostname "$$name$$"

    ##Uncomment these variables to activate them

    ##Steam group whitelisting. Remove the # and change the numbers to activate.
    server.steamgroup 10358279143578240

    ##Below this line can be edited or added to
    server.saveinterval "60"
    sleepers.on False
    server.pve True

    so what am i doing wrong
  11. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    I'm not sure any of those exist in Rust Experimental aside from server.hostname. See http://oxidemod.org/threads/setting-up-your-own-experimental-rust-server-with-oxide-2.5754/
  12. i cant even log in as admin in my server if i do rcon.login.......... it says its not a command
  13. Wulf

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    It's not a command. See the post above your post.
  14. It would be necessary to update the list, add new items, such as Assault Rifle.