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  1. Hider

    Hider Wood Hoarder

    As you knew, after the update on the map, there was very little sulfur, even in southern biomes - I circled the entire map and found only 7-10 stones - it's near 4k of purified sulfur

    In quarries, the extraction of 45 sulfur takes 3 minutes and 10 fuel, it takes an hour to extract 1k of sulfur - it's very slow, but the gathermanager allows you to accelerate the extraction, but at the same time you can not accelerate the fuel costs as it is implemented in quicksmelt.
    I think, because fuel itself is easily minning, so its costs should increase with the increase in querry speed
    So how can we accelerate fuel costs, can there be a plug-in that I missed or the server console command?