Solved Hook list for legacy?

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  1. where do I find the list of updated hooks for legacy?
  2. I'm trying to fix a plugin that has an error in some effects hooks, but I'm kind of confused about updating the hook

    The hook line is the one, I did not understand how I should update it:

    void cmdrankplayer(PlayerSession session, string command, string[] args)
    the plugin is running without errors, but at the time of performing some task, it presents this error
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  3. That plugin is outdated... If you bought it from the original creator you can ask him for an update.
    If you downloaded it for free, he wont help you with that.

    I assume you got it for free, so you will probably have to replace the "hurt.SendChatMessage" with "Player.Message" and the "hurt.BroadcastServer" with "Server.Broadcast" to fix this error.
    See this link for more information: Solved - SendChatMessage and Broadcast usage?