1. HelpText

    Hello there, First of all I a problem with this plugin, BUT W8. Please read this message. I know I must write it there but that guy doesn't apply to me and I need a help.

    I have this groups: default - vip - moderator - admin.

    The HelpText plugin read's your group and showing you the /help.
    If you are on group default, then this plugin will show you the /help of default group.
    If you are on group vip, then this plugin will show you the /help of vip group.

    But if you are to both groups, then the command /help make a mess.
    Showing you default /help and vip together.

    So the only way to fix this problem is you remove the 1 of 2 groups.
    I try to remove "default" but if the player quit and join again, then the server will add him to group default again.

    Can I stop this action? I want to remove someone from the default group and stay out!

    The other way is to make unique commands like /help (for defaults) and /help vip (for vip's)
    But this isn't professional solution guys.. If a player has the rank vip must see from the command /help only the vip commands!

    I searching a lot of hours for a plugin for "join first command" to add them to a new group "members" but nothing... I must do it with my hands.. This cannot happen. I can't be all the time in, or remember who is the new member.

    Please help me. I can pay for this a developer for a custom plugin.
  2. You cannot remove someone from the default group as it will just add them back. Why not just have one help text for all groups to see no need that each group to have one each. The only way for the plugin to work is to change the code to ignore lower groups but that is something a coder can help you with by making you a new plugin