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Solved Headerimage not working

Discussion in 'Rust Discussion' started by ice cold, May 16, 2018.

  1. So i've been trying to make a headerimage working for 30 minutes now and i cant seem it to get working

    method = +server.headerimage "Imgur"



    i hope someone can explain me this
  2. some of this you might have done and/or know already!

    it has to be size"512x256" if its not, resize it.

    once updated to the new url. have to restart. but you might know that already.

    it has to be the full url from imgur. I'm sure you just took out the url for privacy reasons to post here.
  3. server.headerimage "https://i.imgur.com/ADYD0gS.jpg"

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  4. yep, size is good, should work now.

    what are you using to store the info ?
    .bat file ?
    server.cfg file ?

    either one of those should work either way
  5. batchfile
  6. yeah that's what I meant. so you're self hosting ? still should work.
  7. Microsoft virtual machine
  8. Have you tried to see if it works yet?
  9. yep it works thanks for the help buddy
    apreciated allot
  10. np. glad I could help.
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