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  1. saviorsoldier

    saviorsoldier Naked Wanderer

    Last day I'm trying something and I do /permission reload. Since that I use this command my admin is gone and I can't take it. I have admin on permission.cfg but not in game. Others admins not have this problem. Please help me.
  2. Shadow 8

    Shadow 8 Plugin Developer

    so you permission should look this kind

    owner {
    nameFormat = '[00FFFF]%name%'
    chatFormat = '%name% : [00FFFF]%message%'
    guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]'
    permissions {
    - '*'

    owner or admin and - '*' giving all permissions.[00FFFF] its just color code.no need that.remember check you name.sometimes if you change name inside game you lost admins if server dont update permission files.its mayby not do that.
    after mod permission file remember save that and do /permission reload or restart server
  3. saviorsoldier

    saviorsoldier Naked Wanderer

    I do /permission reload and everything is back thank you @Shadow 8