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  1. Styx 2

    Styx 2 Scavenger

    Hello im having and issue with my server, since they have updated following a full wipe, the new map that was generated seems to have areas with trees, barrels, and even an oil rig floating in the sky beyond reach does anybody know how i could possibly fix this?
  2. mcydes

    mcydes Naked Wanderer

    I know this is an old thread but I am having this issue now.
  3. Slut

    Slut Plugin Developer

    Wipe the server, iirc it happens when you load a map with one seed and somehow change the seed.
  4. FreshMemez

    FreshMemez Naked Wanderer

    Thank you :D its been happening to me alot
  5. iDeath

    iDeath Shack Builder

    Make sure you set the seed and not leave it blank to keep randomizing.
  6. FuJiCuRa

    FuJiCuRa Plugin Developer

    Also important to know: the seed NEEDS to be set within the startup commands, it's not working in server.cfg
  7. FreshMemez

    FreshMemez Naked Wanderer

    I Changed the seed but it still happenes, from what seed to what seed can i use? because 10125 doesnt work..
  8. mcydes

    mcydes Naked Wanderer

    You need to delete the map files in your server folder. Having another map saved in your server will cause it to happen. Get rid of the procedure***********.sav file.
  9. FreshMemez

    FreshMemez Naked Wanderer

    Thank you Mcydes, it fixed it