Request Fix CanChangeCode hook Rust

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by miRror, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. @miRror The question is: whats wrong with it? ;)
  2. I need him to call for one check earlier.
  3. Only cause you need this earlier for any unknown reason, this will not be changed for sure...Unless you provide some useful informations which would lead the staff to change it "maybe" to a better placed position like yours.
  4. Fuji, Look carefully at the hook, it is called after the SetFlag action.
  5. I know this. And i know also why, and i also know when the flag is true and when not.
    My hint: Study the function complete, then you ned to no change to the hook there. Complete means, look into the client, not only the server.

    Also, i did ask you these questions, cause a hook change can always crash already working things, in those plugins using this already, needing it exactly where it is.
    Thats valid for every hook.

    The whole oxide system does not work that stable cause hooks are randomly changed only by one coder meaning, that one does'nt fit his needs.
  6. Explain why it is interesting to hear :)