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  1. Striker235

    Striker235 Naked Wanderer

    I can only seem to find health damage values for ballista bolts.
  2. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    you can do that very easy using the mod CFG files:

    go to: your-server-folder/Mods/Blueprints.Defaults.cfg
    copy its content to the file :
    and alter the following value:

    Code (Text):
    Weapons.Siege.BallistaBolt.Health.MaxHealth                                                      = '100'   # 100
    and change thte value to something you desire
  3. Striker235

    Striker235 Naked Wanderer

    That did not seem to work when i tried it on my private server, i tried changing it to anything from 200-10000 and it still reported the same damage.

    Even at 10000 it did not destroy wood blocks, only made them light green in color.

    The tooltip of the ballista bolt also has two damage numbers which is siege and health, editing said line modifies the health damage, which i suspect is against players? I'm truly lost here.. :|

    Edit: i also edited the values in the blueprints file, not the default one :)
  4. D-Kay

    D-Kay Plugin Developer

    Haven't seen an option in the mods to edit the output damage but you might be able to make a plugin for it.
  5. Naked Swede

    Naked Swede Naked Wanderer

    You know, im not sure you can. everytime i try the file keeps resetting back to 100 on this string. Just changed 100 to 99.

    Weapons.Siege.BallistaBolt.Health.MaxHealth = '100'

    #Edit...make sure boys and girl that you dont have the silent RoK.exe running in the background that intervenes :)
    I tried again and it seems that the CodeHatch server resets the blueprints.default.cfg file, so it doesnt seem to work, sadly.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 28, 2016 ---
    Some more research before bed....you're not suppose to edit the default files...rather copy all content to blueprint.cfg and edit it there ;) Still couldnt change the treb dmg anyway. Hmpf
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
  6. D-Kay

    D-Kay Plugin Developer

    like I said, the treb damage can't be edited in mod files, only it's health.
    To change the damage you gotta use a plugin.
  7. billingn06

    billingn06 Naked Wanderer

    Not true, I modded the treb damage to 10500.
    Go into blueprints default, scroll to very bottom and copy and paste the Trebuchet Damage script line. Paste it into the Blueprints.cnfg and then edit the damage and click save.
  8. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    Can you post the exact line for treb damage again please?
  9. BieliK

    BieliK Naked Wanderer

    could someone findout how to change Ballista siege damage?