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  1. Not a error
  2. thanks.

    how to update plugin,server and oxide automatically when it need to update?
  3. Are you running it from a home pc or renting a host
  4. Remote desktop
  5. The map thing just means that it tried to load a map seed that isnt saved on your server so it will generate a new one. This happens every time you change your map seed.
    Usually people write something similar to a python script or so to 1 check for updates and 2 update your rust server / oxide when a new version when one become available.
  6. how to do it?do you have a .bat?
  7. So you are renting a dedicated box then there is a script you can use that can update your server but it must be run manually there is nothing out there that I know if that will auto update server and oxide and if there was its best to manually do it
  8. Im pretty sure you can just use "-autoupdate" in the start up string which will do the server oxide is something else though
  9. oxide will update automatically?