Send messages to individual players with console commands

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    ConsoleMessages - Send messages to individual players with console commands

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  2. Nice idea..Had it too some time before, but never the time to do :p
    How about the way back, means support for response to console? This would improve it alot more ;)
  3. Yeah the responce back to console would be much good :)
  4. Can we change the color of the font?
  5. Yeah, colour tags work fine. I'll add in a prefix option to the Lang so you can specify to use the prefix if you would like. I'll also add a reply-to-console command for players, along with necessary perms for that.
  6. Dude I love you. Im going to give some donations, i just need to setup a paypal account. Thanks so much for this!!! Much appreciated.
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    [DOUBLEPOST=1471925433][/DOUBLEPOST]Okay, updated to the latest version, let me know if you have any issues with it. Note that you no longer need to put the messages in quotations, which is nice.
  8. One last question, I don't know if you are familiar with the Server Rewards commands to sell commands at a Server Reward vendor, but I simply want to ensure if the command is sending the message privately to the user who is purchasing the command. It works, but I don't know if its saying it to everyone. Does the following seem correct?:

    /rewards add command Code "cm.say $ the code is 1234" 10

    Will it take the argument $, and grab the actual players name who is purchasing the command and give say the code directly to that player, or is it saying out on the chat for everyone to see? I checked my Console and I don't see it there, and I checked the Chat on RustAdmin to ensure it wasn't there and it isn't but just wanted to triple check :)

    Thanks again for all your help and work!
  9. As long as you're using ServerRewards actual variables (which, I just double checked, and is indeed $ then it should resolve fine. Regardless, there needs to be some sort of feedback in the console, so I'll work on adding that, so it tells you what its sent! Shouldn't take too long, though I might also add in messaging by ID as well as name.
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  11. Error while compiling: ConsoleMessages.cs(196,23): error CS1955: The member `BasePlayer.IsAdmin' cannot be used as method or delegate
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  13. how do we add the bot on steam?