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  1. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    Ok ive tried everything now, but i cant get around a hook i think...

    If i want to Call a NEW CharacterCreationEvent it just does not work out.

    it just creates null reference exceptions.
    I think CharacterCreation reads everything from a dynamic stream so working with new events and variables wont work (at least I am just unable to do it).

    A hook would make things way easier, which could help implement races into RoK.

    hope someone will mind this one.

    I think the places to look for are:

    Code (Text):


    thanks in advance

  2. Mughisi

    Mughisi Community Mod Oxide Developer

    A hook would only notify when either someone starts creating a character or finishes depending on the hook location, is that what you are looking for?
  3. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    errrrm did i get it wrong?

    A hook on an EntityDamageEvent, for example, lets me alter the behaviour as well ?! doestn it ?

    So i the case of Character Creation i want to modify the UDMADNA part (height, arm length) etc.

    so i can enforce people who choose to be Orc to be bigger than average and green of course .
  4. Mughisi

    Mughisi Community Mod Oxide Developer

    Well, you can probably alter it if a hook is added at the point where someone finishes the creation, I'll try to look into it one of the following days.
  5. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    actually a hook on the event when the Menu opens would be better.

    I have already found the event, but i would need a hook before that.

    The last thing that happens is :
    Code (Text):
    EventManager.CallEvent((BaseEvent)new MenuOpenEvent("Character Customize"));
    i can instantiate this event with this line, no problem...
    but i cant apply my own UDMANDAValues, because before the Menu is opened, theres a real lot thats done.

    If i open the menu just like that, he doesnt load original charactervalues, no banners, nothing.
    Meaning, i need the predeceeding event.

    at best the event, that starts, after i consumed a potion of appearance
  6. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    Hey everyone!

    Any update on this so far ?
    I COULD as well try to hook it myself... but that wont help the community, because i dont know how to submit my hooks to GIT or wherever i would do something like that :(