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Solved Building plots (paid $$$)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by JuckFosu, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. JuckFosu

    JuckFosu Scavenger

    Hey I run a few build servers, and griefing/not leaving players alone to build etc, is a big issue. I am requesting someone make a plugin like this, because I have searched and searched, and there is nothing like it. Zone manager is to complex for players to want to use, etc...

    Plugin Name Idea: BuildingPlots
    *Half way through making this post I thought of changing everything from /zone to /plot cause I feel it is a better name. So I applogize if sometimes it says zone instead of plot.*

    This plugin will allow a player to set a zone/Plot so they can build in peace or with their friends, and stop random people from coming in and annoying them while they are building.

    Plugin Suggestions:
    • Plot radius can be configured in console, but default would be same as a toolcupboard radius
    • Plot stops unwanted players from entering the area. (tells them in chat "You cannot enter playername's plot. Type /plots show to see all surrounding zones"
    • Players can toggle the zone sphere to turn on or off the visual boundry (like the Visual Cupboard plugin)
    • Players can toggle allowing friends|clans into the zone
    • Players can manually add players to access their zone.
    • Plot cannot be created x close to another structure not owned by the player.
    • Zone cannot be created x close to an unowned toolcupboard. (Im just trying to think of ways to make it so players cant use this plugin to grief other players, by for example, creating a zone right next to someone elses building and making it a private zone.)
    • Plots go away when a player logs off.
    • One zone per online player max.
    • Player can move the zone to a new location. (For example, if their base is bigger than the zone can cover, they can create a zone at one area, and when they finish building that part of the base, they can move their zone to cover the area they want to in.)
    • Players can remove their zone like /zone off
    • Permission for groups to be bypassed from zone restrictions (mainly for admins/mods)
    • Admin commands to be able to add/remove players from plots, delete a players plot, list all plots there are, teleport to a players plot

    /plot - list all the plot commands a player has access to.
    /plot home - teleports a player back to their plot
    /plot create - create a zone around the center of the player.
    /plot friends - will check their current friends list and auth all players on their friends list/clan list.
    /plot move - re-centers their zone around the player.
    /plot off - removes the zone
    /plots show - displays surrounding zones x away to all players (only to the player that typed it) Spheres go away after x seconds.
    /plot show - toggles the owner of the zones sphere/outline radius (only shows to the owner of the zone, and will stay on until the player toggles it off)
    /plot add (playername/steamID) - allows players to manually add a player to their zone. Useful if the server owner doesnt use friends or clans or perhaps the players want to allow someone, but don't want to become friends with them.
    /plot remove (playername/steamID) - removes a player from the zone.
    /plot list (manly for admins to see which players have plots, and to be able to teleport directly to them.)
    /plot tp (name) (For admins to be able to teleport to a players plot
    /plot delete (playername/steamID) - commands for admins to delete someones plot.

    I will defiantly pay for this plugin ($50 if your going to sell to others (on chaoscode perhaps), and I know that other build servers are also looking for something like this.
    If you want to make it private, I will pay upwards of $80 USD.

    Thank you for looking into my suggestion, I may have forgotten to add some commands/permissions that would be necessary for this to run smoothly, and am open to suggestions. Let me know if any of you have any suggestions for me to add to this post, also like the post to show support for the idea.

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  2. JuckFosu

    JuckFosu Scavenger

    Solved :D
  3. Elaar

    Elaar Naked Wanderer

    can i test your plugin? ServerIP?