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  1. VinylFresh

    VinylFresh Shack Builder

    I have been on a few servers that blueprints drop in barrels crates etc...is it something to do with 'blueprintbase' ?how do i achieve this? thanks
  2. redone

    redone Shack Builder

    I was going to create a new thread on this. I was wondering the same thing. Is there a BP ID list out there?
  3. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Plugin Developer

    I haven't looked into it extensively, but I'm pretty sure blueprints are just normal items with a boolean value set to true. I will add loot tables to Simple Loot.
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  4. ignignokt84

    ignignokt84 Plugin Developer

    It probably won't be that simple. Blueprints are actually a single "blueprint" item with a pointer to the item it's a blueprint of...
  5. VinylFresh

    VinylFresh Shack Builder

    A bunch of servers have this working fully already so maybe private plugins?
  6. Shady757

    Shady757 Plugin Developer

    If I remember correctly, all you have to do is create an item ("blueprintbase") then assign the "blueprintTarget" int to the itemID of the item you want it to be a blueprint of. Here's an example:
    Code (C#):

    var bpItem = ItemManager.CreateByName("blueprintbase", 1);
    bpItem.blueprintTarget = targetItemID;
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  7. VinylFresh

    VinylFresh Shack Builder

    First person to create a plugin around this gets mega karma from the community
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  8. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Plugin Developer

    I'll add a "Convert items to blueprints" option to Simple Loot in 30 or so minutes when I get home.
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  9. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Plugin Developer

  10. Colata

    Colata Naked Wanderer

    Too true! hopefully we can get barrel BP's going again!