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  1. Who is the best host for best server performance with no lag and rubber-banding with 40+ players? survivalservers.com is terrible, they're support team is extremely slow, and they're servers are horrible, anyone have some experience with any server hosts with 40+ on your server that doesn't rubber-band every 2 minutes and lag all the time?
  2. I don't have any particular lags or rubber banding with survivalservers, with 60/60 players almost all the time.
    Did you tried to change the location ? or ask them to check if the host your server is located don't have any problem ?
  3. I'm hosting through Citadel Servers right now. Their support team is usually pretty fast and knowledgeable. My server is only 20 slots but I've never had a problem with lag on their end. I haven't tried other hosts, so that's about all the input I have. I'd say they are worth looking at.

    Citadel Servers
  4. I am prety happy with DeinServerHost, support has never said no to my requests and they are pretty fast. Also i dont remember it ever lagged
  5. Deinserverhost is a good company :)
    i have one server and i'm very happy
  6. Actually i host on a VPS by simple-servers.de, nice SSD and nice performance.
  7. Deinserverhost is great at fast response times, but we've had lots of lag recently.

    Nitrous Networks // Hydra Comms, Wouldn't use them if they were free.That's RUST and Hurtworld XP.

    And to Quote Nsus "Actually i host on a VPS by simple-servers.de, nice SSD and nice performance."

    Delete yourself from the internet. A VPS is no place for a game server, and is usually against the TOS for nearly all VPS Suppliers. You're "One of those guys". Please don't be.
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  8. Switched to streamline much better performance to those who are wondering I've experienced 0 rubber banding and nearly no lag with a full 50/50 server, compared to my old server hosted by survivalservers 50/50 I'd be rubber banding and lagging like crazy their servers are trash.
  9. Streamline is simply horrible and very unprofessional. I dealt with them for a month and my server was down with a DDoS 3 or 4 times and it took them 10 hours to fix them each time. I believe the last one was maybe 8 hours. Not to mention all the lag and the broken node I was on. That took them a good 6 hours to fix. They forgot to check on the transfer of my server to a new node and never finished it when they were suppose to do so until I replied in the ticket asking about it. I hope you have better luck with them.
  10. They do tend to put new customers on broken nodes. I had a ARK server with them, setup was on a broken node.. Then when I added a Hurtworld they put it on a broken node. Although they were really fast to fix it when I asked them why I couldn't find my server. Had the server for about a month now and things run smoothly.
  11. Their control panel is really bad. Every time i change something the server will delay and not work for a while. (Not showing in the master list).

    And then, The ping in the master list is high and huge lag from time to time in the game.
  12. I am too looking for a good server provider for HurtWorld. I am with Vilayer now and was getting the best service when I had Rust. BUT with HurtWorld its the worst I can not get Oxide to work and Vilayer just ignores my fix tickets for weeks.
  13. I chose central because of that. My ping is 70 to the Dallas server.
  14. we offer great lag free servers at gtxgaming also blackbox servers
  15. I currently have a dedi 16GB in seattle. E3 cpu for $80 10GBPS DDoS too

    and i am using that to run a server for about 4 people lol. my server just wonr grow ever since i switched to this new hosting from my old one
  16. what company???
  17. I purchased a server through Citadelservers and have no lag problems at all. I asked them the Specs of their machines for you and this is what they gave me

    We have Windows and Linux servers, Typical specs of our servers:
    Processor: Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 (6c/12t)
    Clock\Frequency: 4GHZ+
    Ram: 128GB ECC High frequency DDR4 RAM
    Hard Discs: 2x2TB SATA3 RAID 1 + 6x500GB SSD Drive RAID 1
    Connection: 1 GBPS DDoS Protected

    They have a 24/7 tech team, and a Chat team on their site for you. So communication is never a problem.

    Open a chat with them and give it a try! They have a 3 day money back Guarantee so there is no risk.