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  1. Hi Oxide Im Mark i've not long joined this place in search of info on hosting a HurtWorld server i found what i desired while doing so i found it a pain to edit some parts for example editing kits would require you to load up the game and manually add them requiring you to spawning items into inventory ect so i made my own GUI to edit and create them v0.1. ON THE RIGHT

    Once i did that i just added in the extra things like reading players info create/edit server host settings and boom there was and admin panel v0.2 LEFT
    still not finished will have time this weekend to finish the rest just thought i would post this and see if anybody was interested
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  2. Looks very good this makes for selfhosting some jobs very easyer,
    then just type every thing inside of the server,
    So if this program is gonna being release soon I think that people are gonna use it every time
  3. yes you can have what ive done for now not had as much time as ive hoped but will continue to work on this have many ideas and are open for more.

    place the contents into the server directory example C:\HurtworldServer\
    some features not competed yet ie you have to manually start and stop server.

    next version ideas/working on :
    1) Complete the pipe to the server console for faster communication between applications.
    2) Complete all unfinished parts.
    3) Start work on steam api for user information
    4) Possible Rewrite.

    Well I made a mistake and uploaded an older version than I described which doesn’t save the kits once edited Will fix that tonight on my phone right now

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