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  1. Rickne

    Rickne Shack Builder

    The folder to wipe bps used to be within rust dedicated > server > its not there like the old bp days. Any clues?
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

  3. Rickne

    Rickne Shack Builder

    all i have in there is the folder named "7" .. open that and "0" open that then "7" again . nothing in them .
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 13, 2017 ---
    is the file named current_data by any chance? it was like 10 folders deep
  4. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Plugin Developer

    Facepunch just has a really odd file system used to index Steam IDs. You can just blueprint wipe by deleting the users folder.
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  5. Rickne

    Rickne Shack Builder