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  1. GFFinest

    GFFinest Naked Wanderer

    Hello Guys,
    we host a few Servers atm and got the Problem that oxide is Save her Savegame under


    so got Oxide any way to set a new save path or can Oxide bring anything to save it in the GameRootDirectory ?

    Thats very important :)
    --- Double Post Merged, May 12, 2017 ---
    ok sorry nevermind xD i dont read the Changelogs

    Oxide build 2.0.2051

    General changes
    • [ReignOfKings] Fixed server.Address not returning external IP
    • [ReignOfKings] Patched for version R8 update
    • [Rust] Removed old and expired deprecated hooks
    • [TheForest] Changed server save path to "saves" folder in server directory
    • [TheForest] Disabled some client element removals until more testing is done
    • [TheForest] Enabled automatic group assignment when players first connect
    • [TheForest] Moved OnServerInitialized to a later, better location
    • [TheForest] Only disable client audio if the server is started with -batchmode or -nographics