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  1. hadji2

    hadji2 Naked Wanderer

    Oxide Plugins are not working
    I uploaded the log but I found this inside the log my plugin im using is Kits which is .cs
    I'm using gameservers website to host the server and using filezilla

    17:10 [Info] Loading extensions...
    17:10 [Error] Cannot compile C# (.cs) plugins. Unable to find CSharpCompiler.exe!
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    As the error says, "Unable to find CSharpCompiler.exe"; which means you do not have CSharpCompiler.exe in your server's root. Make sure you install ALL of the files included with the Oxide build. Keep in mind that your host may not allow uploading .exe files either, so you may need to contact them, else see if they have a method to install via their control panel.