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Timed Permissions

Allows you to grant permissions or groups for a specific time

Total Downloads: 2,109 - First Release: May 20, 2016 - Last Update: Apr 7, 2017

5/5, 21 likes
  1. Ruby

    Ruby Plugin Developer

    That is it already works, the privileges will not be duplicated in data?
  2. diman96ru

    diman96ru Wood Hoarder

    yes, fix addgroup and good.
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  3. Suslik

    Suslik Scavenger

    #fix addgroup
  4. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    What's wrong with it?
  5. Suslik

    Suslik Scavenger

    When we enter the command "addgroup", the message is written to the console and the data adds to the datefile, but the player is not added to oxide group
  6. ✪ Acer ♿

    ✪ Acer ♿ Naked Wanderer

    same problem, i must use oxide.usergroup add nickname vip instead of addgroup nick vip 30d
  7. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

  8. ✪ Acer ♿

    ✪ Acer ♿ Naked Wanderer

    command /pinfo nickname not working from 1.3.0 update. It will show only white text "Player" but no more information. :)
  9. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    I don't see a reason why it wouldn't. Check your language file.
  10. ✪ Acer ♿

    ✪ Acer ♿ Naked Wanderer

    i have this in lang file. Still showing only "Player info" in game
    Code (Text):
      "No Permission": "You don't have permission to use this command.",
      "Invalid Time Format": "Invalid Time Format: Ex: 1d12h30m | d = days, h = hours, m = minutes",
      "Player Has No Info": "There is no info about this player.",
      "Player Info": "Info about <color=#C4FF00>{player}</color>:\n<color=#C4FF00>Groups</color>: {groups}\n<color=#C4FF00>Permissions</color>: {permissions}",
      "User Doesn't Have Permission": "{target} does not have permission '{permission}'.",
      "User Isn't In Group": "{target} isn't in group '{group}'."
    Edit: its not "Player" but "Player info"
    Edit2: same in console if i use console command, it will show only "Player info"
    Edit3: i tried to copy paste your lang file from front page, reloaded and its still same.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2017
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  11. Hey guys!

    Can somebody please tell me how I can create a timed permission for the VIP package?
    Thanks in advance! :D
  12. UkFsG

    UkFsG Wood Hoarder

    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 28, 2017 ---
    /addgroup playername vip 30d

    will add the player to vip for 30 days.
  13. Yeah in my rustadmin he execute the timed permision, also say "- Added to Group: vip for 00:04:59.9992210" but the player dont have the VIP package activated?
  14. UkFsG

    UkFsG Wood Hoarder

    did you save the kit as
    kits.vip ?

    /kit edit vip
    /kit permission vip
    this would then create the permission kits.vip
    and then you would
    grant group vip kits.vip
  15. Yeah I did, it gives the player acces to the kit VIP, but not the rank vip in the chat and all the other vip options like airstrike, turbo gather etc.?
    Is there a way to activate that all att once?

    Thanks in advance man appreciate your help a lott :)
  16. UkFsG

    UkFsG Wood Hoarder

    i've never messed around with airstrike or turbo gather and i've never added command privileges to kits so im not sure what you have to do, sorry.
  17. Ohww okay man :)
    What I try to create is like the whole VIP package on a timed permission, so I can activate there whole package with 1 command because if I do that trough betterchat the player have to be online to revoke the VIP package and that is really annoying to manage.

    But thanks a lott for your time and help man, have a nice day :)
  18. JimLess

    JimLess Scavenger

    [deleted] not actual
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2017
  19. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    You will have to just grant all the permissions you want them to get to the vip group. If you then call "addgroup <player> vip 30d" on them they will have access to those
  20. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

    Deleted the language files but that's not fixing my issue. The plugin is updated, but I'm only getting 'player info' from pinfo. I've used both the username and a steamID. Also, addgroup from the console offers no return. It does seem to be adding the individual to the group, though but I'm concerned for the actual timer.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 29, 2017 ---
    Never mind, seems like the old .data version of TimedPermissions caused it to give no feedback or it was corrupt, but seems unlikely.. it wouldn't of been touched. Also, expiration dates were printed blank.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 29, 2017 ---
    Can I take my never mind back please, I thought it was working? Console & Pinfo aren't providing feedback in-game or in console.
    I'm using: addgroup 76561198033495288 vip 1m
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2017