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  2. Oxide for Rust Legacy has been discontinued and is no longer supported. No updates or additions will be made, and Rust Legacy-specific plugin submissions will no longer be accepted. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Rust as able.
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  1. RustGA

    RustGA Naked Wanderer

    Hello, forgive me for bad english.
    All the mods that are now on the Rust Legacy are scripted.
    Why not add new objects, models, animals to the game? I think the main problem will be sync. of changes between the server and the client.
    This video shows that there are already attempts at this.

    What do you think of it?
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  2. DraB

    DraB Plugin Developer

    It's cool but like you said making things client side is the easy part. Making them sync server side would be a challenge.
  3. mcnovinho08

    mcnovinho08 Plugin Developer

    I think this project is very good, I have been working with some friends trying to add objects to the game.