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  1. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

    If you have ever tried making a server for Rust then you've probably heard of the program Rust Server Manager for Rust | Oxide

    I have made a version for The Forest but it's in its early stages. Currently, you can download a server and install oxidemod with the server installer and then you can create your config file with a GUI and start the server from there.

    1. Download ownCloud - A safe home for all your data
    2. Start the program > go to server installer > Click install Server. (If you have not installed steamcmd it will prompt you to install it and then install your server).
    3. After the Server is done downloading you can go ahead and click "Install / Update OixdeMod"
    4. Now that the server is installed along with oxidemod you can go to the "Server Config" tab and edit config to your liking (Note: If you don't know what to put in sever ip or any of the ports you should leave it as it is. CHANGING THE SERVER IP DOES NOT CHANGE THE IP THE SERVER CONNECTS TO!).
    5. Now that every's set you can go ahead and click "Start Server".
    • There's a black window? Yeah there's nothing I can do about it but i'm working on hiding it.
    • My server is not in the server list? You should port forward your ports. (Google: How to portforward {router and model})

    TFSM_2017-10-09_14-43-04.png TFSM_2017-10-09_14-43-13.png
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  2. XHead 2

    XHead 2 Naked Wanderer

    In C#, hiding the window is easy as:
    Code (Text):

    using System;
    using System.Diagnostics;
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
    namespace HideTheForestServer
      static class Program
        private static extern int ShowWindow(int hwnd, int nCmdShow);
        private const int SW_HIDE = 0;
        /// <summary>
        /// The main entry point for the application.
        /// </summary>
        static void Main()
          int hWnd;
          Process[] processRunning = Process.GetProcesses();
          foreach (Process pr in processRunning)
            if (pr.ProcessName == "TheForestDedicatedServer")
              hWnd = pr.MainWindowHandle.ToInt32();
              ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_HIDE);
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  3. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    That's something we can add to Oxide, just haven't gotten around to digging around to see if there was a native way to do it in the game.
  4. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

    I can asee about adding this.
  5. Tommy_vr

    Tommy_vr Scavenger

    This post should be pinned :)
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  6. Nick!

    Nick! Wood Hoarder

    You got that right
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  7. TheMoist

    TheMoist Naked Wanderer

    I can't seem to download the html file - it's returning a network error. Does anyone else have a working link?
  8. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

    Updated link: ownCloud - A safe home for all your data

    @Wulf Would you mind updating the link please? It wont let me edit the post.
  9. Netzulo

    Netzulo Naked Wanderer

  10. jerkfaced

    jerkfaced Naked Wanderer

    I've used the above instructions to load the server manager and the oxide, everything runs great, but I am having problems locating a server.cfg file to edit manually. I checked the usual places that you expect to find it and I have scanned the drive for all server.cfg files and I only find an old sample in the root of my install. The settings I change seem to be in effect when I save config in the manager and then restart, I just can't find a server.cfg anywhere. Anyone know where the server manager writes that to?

    Edit: Scratch that, I see the settings I need seem to all be in the start batch and maybe it does not rely on an external cfg.
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  11. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

    Everything is done within the GUI.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 31, 2017 ---
    Updated link: ownCloud - A safe home for all your data
  12. DeMiNe0

    DeMiNe0 Naked Wanderer

    The owncloud link seeks to be broken. Maybe a torrent would be a better choice for this?

    Actually just looks like your owncloud server is overloaded. Lots of 503 and 504 errors.
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  13. mimiKINDER

    mimiKINDER Naked Wanderer

    When I make a fire, I get a permanent error with an interval of one second.

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    Fire2.UpdateLit ()
    Fire2.Update ()
  14. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

    This is to do with the game/server. Not my program. I suggest you post it on their forums if they have any.
  15. mimiKINDER

    mimiKINDER Naked Wanderer

  16. Dark_Hunter

    Dark_Hunter Naked Wanderer

    @mimiKINDER the link is dead, are you able to get it backup and running?
  17. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

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  18. DpM

    DpM Naked Wanderer

    Thanks for your software dude, I have troubles trying to download oxidemod from your program (v2.2) any idea to solve it?
  19. Quantum

    Quantum Master Researcher

    Yeah. It's really outdated and doesn't support TLS1.2 like RSM so it fails to download oxidemod. Just install it manually until an update it released
  20. jowks

    jowks Naked Wanderer

    Hm sorry but I cant find a link to download Oxide.