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  2. Oxide for Rust Legacy has been discontinued and is no longer supported. No updates or additions will be made, and Rust Legacy-specific plugin submissions will no longer be accepted. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Rust as able.
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  1. copper

    copper Plugin Developer


    character = Character.SummonCharacter(uLink.NetworkPlayer.server, "charcater", pos, (Angle2OrQuaternion) rot);

    when i try i get missing prefix 'character' ????????
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 18, 2016, Original Post Date: Feb 17, 2016 ---
    never mind figured it out
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 18, 2016 ---
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2016
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  2. tomasekpro

    tomasekpro Scavenger

    How do you do spawned it?