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  1. antoniobradiano

    antoniobradiano Naked Wanderer

    • Off Topic
    • WIP in all areas
    • More detailed specific in each game arena. As in In game detail from every game u support. To Plugins (as u have) . Not many are developers as you guys. Have a section for Developers etc. Separate each area in each game.
    • Work done people like to show off thier work to be able to give them that gratification. You in sure the will stay. In Plugin Dev. Basic pictures of the things the have built. Srry for me postin my website. I dnt know how to send in files like u request.
    • Be glad to help I know SQL
    • People want to be involved, think of areas that can open it. You guys have the opening of a new gaming area. Only gonna get better. You have a lot already. Forums are the ticket to repeat business. Brainstorm. .
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  2. FuJiCuRa

    FuJiCuRa Plugin Developer

    Arent't the two main entries for each supported game enough?
    As i remember, Wulf did recently manage the forums and merged some things together and re-organized the whole board.
    And currently the both entries, "discussions" and "development" per each game provide a good partition to handle most needs depending on the skills.

    What do you mean with "WIP in all areas" and "More detailed specific in each game arena"?
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