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  1. nmbrg

    nmbrg Naked Wanderer

    Im using the default start.bat (only changed the name and max players to 8)
    but for some reason anyone seems to be able to join my server.

    started the server for the first time yesterday. and today i see a lot of people have been joining and playing. and even writing stuff like "where are you?"

    they are not my friends, that i am sure of.

    so how do i set the server to be private so only my friends on steam can join the server?

    the bat. file is like this:
    @echo off
    echo Starting server...

    TheForest.exe -batchmode -nographics -ip -port 27016 -maxplayers 8 -hostname "My Server" -friendsonly 0

    echo Restarting server...
    timeout /t 10
    goto start

    do i have to change the "friendsonly 0" to "friendsonly 1"? or what kind of number should there be behind "friendsonly" to make it private?
  2. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer

    That would be correct ..binary 0=false 1=true
    However in my experience it doesn't work properly. It blocks people from joining, whether invited or not.
  3. nmbrg

    nmbrg Naked Wanderer

    ok, thanks. i could atleast join.