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  1. OpenFunRus

    OpenFunRus Plugin Developer

    We need to help each other )

    If you dont know how initializate _cInfo:


    Code (Text):
    namespace Oxide.Plugins
        [Info("Example", "OpenFun", 0.1)]
        [Description("Makes epic stuff happen")]
        class Example : SevenDaysPlugin
            void OnPlayerConnected(EntityPlayer _player)
                ClientInfo _cInfo = ConsoleHelper.ParseParamIdOrName(_player.EntityName);
                SdtdConsole.Instance.ExecuteSync(string.Format("Ban add {0} 10 years \"{1}\"", _cInfo.playerName, "This reason"), _cInfo);
  2. RaptikCZ

    RaptikCZ Naked Wanderer

    thank you - this solved my headache ;)
  3. {QaD}Lurch

    {QaD}Lurch Naked Wanderer

    Very true. A single developer can't do everything and as a general rule, they get bored just like everyone else and move onto other things. If you look through the Oxide code, you will see that most of the code hasn't been touched in over 246 days.

    The likelihood of it getting a makeover is slime to nothing unless others get involved.

    Now here's the quandary - others aren't getting involved because...wait for it... lack of information.
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Most of the code hasn't needed to be change, most of it isn't something you would change frequently, so it not having been touched in over 246 days would be a good thing in most cases. We are constantly working on improving the various libraries Oxide provides, as well as moving each game toward having a more universal API and additional hooks.

    If you or anyone would like to get involved, just ask if you're unsure how. I'm always around if you have any questions. ;)
  5. {QaD}Lurch

    {QaD}Lurch Naked Wanderer

    Well, I'm all for it!

    Help me understand - walk me through if you will - the code where I'd need to go and fix that broken hook for when players disconnect. If I can fix that, I should be well on the way to getting an idea of how the rest of it is structured. It appears that some Hooks are specifically written in code (like Init() et al ) while others appear to be read-in at run time and somehow cast into a generic. Either that or I've completely misread and am missing the module where the OnChat() and other hooks are defined.
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    The game-specific hooks have nothing to do with the code found on the repo. There are a few threads floating around if you'd like to get a general idea such as: Tutorial for Oxide Patcher?.
  7. {QaD}Lurch

    {QaD}Lurch Naked Wanderer

    Ok. I missed the whole OxidePatcher thing on the Oxide site. Not a whisper of it anywhere that I can find besides being embedded in ongoing discussions...discussions that indicate someone told someone about it somewhere along the line.

    Missing is a "Getting started with Oxide Development"

    If it exists, it's doing a great job at hiding and OxidePatcher should be prominently featured.

    You can't hope to garner enough support doing the tribal knowledge thing guys.
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It was never meant to be promoted, it was/is primarily an internal tool for core developers and the team. Most people shouldn't be using the patcher, only those contributing that are familiar with MSIL patching or are willing to experiment to understand MSIL. This will likely change as the patcher's usability improves. It's been a learning process for me too, but it'll eventually be documented better as it becomes more of a general tool.