1. I want new players on my server to have a safe period based on the number of hours they have played on my server. I want this so new players can not be killed until they have played 25 hours on my server. After their 25 hours are up they can be killed. Does this already exist?
  2. you want playerprotection (thats the name of the plugin).
    But i would think that 25 hours is MASSIVE even on a vanilla server.
    And i think it goes on played time but i am unsure how it counts.
    i had it, and only for 30 minutes protections.
    But the steady players didnt like it and its way to easy to abuse.

    How will you stop the player protected players from killing other players.
    This plugin HAD only the option to disable protection after 1-*** amounts of attempts at pvping.

    But you do what you wish on your server, but 25 hours is ALOT unless that works for your specific needs and theme of your server.
  3. I want the new player to have time to get settled in, build a base, and have time enough to complete his arsenal. 25 hours may be a bit much. Ten hours should be enough to accomplish what U have mentioned. I knew about the plug-in for player protect for a short period of time when first joining the server but, I am thinking more long term preparations. I think the trick will be coming up with something that counts the players time on the server, not just in game hours total.
  4. the plugin playerprotection can be changed in the config alot, check it out.
    You can increase the time to whatever you prefer aswell.
  5. So use Zones Manager for Rust | Oxide And make a zone with arguments for new players like this maybe:
    /zone undestr true pvpgod true pvegod true sleepgod true radius 120 name "Safe zone for newbies" enter_message "Welcome to the safe zone for newbies"
    If you will read description in the plugin you will know what i did now but still, little explenation:

    undestr true will provide no dmg to buildings ( C4 your self ;), pvpgod,pvegod and sleepinggod will add GOD mode to people in teh zone, so if one player shots other no dmg will hapen, if a bear attacks a player no dmg again happens, if something will try to kill a sleeper also no dmg ;) raidus will say how much is the zone big (the plugin will show you the radisu do not worry), name is just name so you know what zone you meant with it (helps if you have more than 10 zones ;) ) and welcome message wil ljust pop-up if you enter the zone, you can also use leave_message "message" so if you leave the zone you will get informed. With this i would also go with Timed Permissions for Rust | Oxide and PrivateZones for Rust | Oxide so you can define who can be in teh fresh newbies zones and how long (if 10 hrs or 25 its on you. Just be advice, that if you will not use private permissions or timed permissions, players can abuse this zone as a safety zone for loot ect.
  6. It may be interesting to make a server spawn and a safe zone/war zone, can't place/gather, similar to minecraft servers, but the currently implemented system is probably better.