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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 23,286 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.96825/5, 126 likes
  1. Brengun

    Brengun Guest

    Thank you, love the new additions.
    I am still having an issue saving any scheduled commands I add in.
    The program now saves the 1st 2 I have added and the rest get removed after connection lost or program closed.

    Maybe have "scheduled command" save like other items as ini files that can be loaded up.
    Then link the "scheduled command" ini file to the "configuration" file when saved.
    So loading a "configuration" will auto load a "schedule command" file that was previously linked. (If that all makes sense. LOL)
  2. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Please can you send me the debug.log file into the log folder ? The commands with type once won't be saved if they were executed as they must be executed only once. The commands are already linked to the configuration name and they are properly saved/loaded for me.
  3. Brengun

    Brengun Guest

    I started a new debug file to make it easier.
    I started the program, added scheduled commands (using Each Day) pressed save in configuration tab
    I then disconnected and connected again and the scheduled commands were gone.
    Hope this helps. (I had to rename it to a txt file to upload it here).

    As a way of helping fault find this I stopped the program and manually edited the cmds_Brengun.ini file and added 2 more commands in the file (Modifying the name of each entry with correct number formats)
    I then started the program up again and they load and stay so it must be the save part that is not working.
    Once I manually added the 2 extra commands it loaded them fine every time.
    See below manually entered cmd2 and cmd3 and they now work fine
    Code (Text):



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  4. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    You must'nt click save before to quit the program. Please try just closing the window and restart after. Commands should be saved.

    EDIT : hum actually this is not the solution. I don't understand why you are experiencing this. Can you try to delete all files named cmd_*.ini and try again ?
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2014
  5. Brengun

    Brengun Guest

    Sorry, I made a bad assumption that it needed the configuration saved before leaving, my bad.
    I tried as you said adding a new command and just closed the program and the new command got added and it is in the ini file.

    The EDIT I did was just to help fault find the my issue, I wasn't meaning it as a solution.

    Thank you, it is working well.
  6. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Cool I'm happy that it works :)
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  7. Upperking

    Upperking Master Researcher

    Good plugin but when you ban it doesn't have a option to enter reason for the ban??
    also it weird, ever time I start it up it it pops a error twice in a row then after closing the error twice it finally starts-up and works.
  8. Brengun

    Brengun Guest

    So am I.
    I love this program.
    I have added a "Period" command to popup a message every 10 minutes and that has solved my connectivity issue.

    It is also time for you to add a Donation button to your PayPal account on your front screen.
    You deserve something in return.

    Great job, I appreciate all your hard work.
  9. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Hello. I didn't leave the possibility to enter a reason for a ban because I thought it was wasted time. But finally I understand that it may be usefull for some people. I will add an option "Ban with reason".
    Concerning your errors, can you post your debug.log file ? And maybe a screenshot if you can.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 11, 2014 ---
    Then it seems that some servers needs a "keep alive" message to avoid to lost the connection. I think that it depends on your provider maybe. I will add this in a future version.

    Concerning paypal ... why not. I don't do that for money because I'm already happy to be "usefull". But I'm also very happy to see that you think that my work mays worth money. I will add it soon, thank you.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 11, 2014 ---
    I have just found the reason why sometimes the program won't autoreconnect when the connection is lost. I don't have the time to fix this right now but it will be done by tomorrow.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2014
  10. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Vfloyd updated RustAdmin Tool + Anticheat system with a new update entry:

    Fixes + New feature : bans tab (click for details)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. ic Maxwell

    ic Maxwell Guest

    Hello! First of all ... very great addon!!
    My Request: Is it possible to add a "force" button to manually start my scheduled commands ?? :)

    thx anyway!
  12. Upperking

    Upperking Master Researcher

    I had a Robles when lag spikes would happen. It wold spam all the players in chat.
  13. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Vfloyd updated RustAdmin Tool + Anticheat system with a new update entry:

    You can now force a scheduled command to start (click for details)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 13, 2014 ---
    Done :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 13, 2014 ---
    This should not happen anymore if you don't check the box "Write warnings in chat". For myself, I have just created a periodic scheduled command to warn players that the ping limit on the server is XX. They are not warned when they are kicked but they are aware anyway.
  14. Upperking

    Upperking Master Researcher

    Still does the "this program is shutting down" twicw before it startup.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 13, 2014 ---
    curious way is starts spamming the time stuff
    Code (Text):
    (15:09:28) | [CHAT] ObRoN: ik heb 278

    (15:09:47) | Current Time: 9.52862

    (15:09:48) | Current Time: 9.530689

    (15:09:48) | Current Time: 9.531872

    (15:09:48) | Current Time: 9.533054

    (15:09:48) | Current Time: 9.536608

    (15:09:49) | Current Time: 9.538973

    (15:09:49) | Current Time: 9.540155

    (15:09:49) | Current Time: 9.542521

    (15:09:49) | Current Time: 9.543703

    (15:09:50) | Current Time: 9.553472

    (15:09:50) | Current Time: 9.554654

    (15:09:51) | Current Time: 9.555837

    (15:09:51) | Current Time: 9.557019

    (15:09:51) | Current Time: 9.559384

    (15:09:52) | Current Time: 9.564417

    (15:09:52) | Current Time: 9.566191

    (15:09:52) | Current Time: 9.56899

    (15:09:52) | Current Time: 9.569687

    (15:09:54) | Current Time: 9.582602

    (15:09:54) | Current Time: 9.584375

    (15:09:54) | Current Time: 9.586754

    (15:09:54) | Current Time: 9.589119

    (15:09:55) | Current Time: 9.591484

    (15:09:55) | Current Time: 9.595032

    (15:09:56) | Current Time: 9.604197

    (15:10:02) | Current Time: 9.659897

    (15:10:08) | [Oxide] 'Zynq' (STEAM_0:1:17813691) ran command '/comp pl'
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2014
  15. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Please can you send the debug.log file please ?
  16. Brengun

    Brengun Guest

    Just gets better and better. Wow, love this program. 8)
    Love the new ability to force a schedule command.
    Maybe this force schedule command can be used to run commands on force only as needed to reload a plugin or a popup message to tell all players to calm down when they start a chat fight.
    Have another entry that is a scheduled command that has no time or date to it so it can be just run as required and call it manual.
    Just saves us typing in a command we use regularly but not needed as a schedule.

    The bans tab is an awesome addition. We get alot of auto bans from Reneb's plugin and it is a very quick way to look up why people got banned.
  17. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

  18. Your tool improves everyday. Congratulations.
    Is there a way we can schedule chat commands?
    As far as i know, we can only schedule console commands and not all plugins have console commands...

    Like Reneb's anti cheat. /ac_check all
  19. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Yes I tried to do this some days ago. But I'm not sure that it can works ... The only way,for me (I may be wrong), to send chat is to use the "say" command. Doing this, the chat is sent as SERVER CONSOLE. During my tests I had the feeling that the plugins ignore chat commands coming from SERVER CONSOLE. But I didn't test that much. Can you do the test ?
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 14, 2014 ---
    I'm also trying to update rust admin to be compatible with the new rust experimental version. I don't own an experimental server. Does someone could nicely give me an access to his one ?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2014
  20. Hatemail

    Hatemail Plugin Developer

    Ask the plugin devs to implement them then.