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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 23,037 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.968/5, 125 likes
  1. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    Glad you found it but please dont take the Lords name in vain
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  2. [gRim]Mythorius

    [gRim]Mythorius Naked Wanderer

    Hello my english is really bad,

    I try to make the player! command at Rustadmin ... but without success.
    I've created a Triggered command and typed !players, what do I have to write down below as command to give it the number of players? Unfortunately, I find nothing on the Internet ... And the servers that use betrayed it unfortunately not.
  3. Revezunds

    Revezunds Naked Wanderer

    Server: Oxide Legacy
    Request: @Vfloyd is it possible to add a possibility to see the reason of Ban when an Admin IPban player from server console and kick him as it shows only reasons for the players in ban list those are kicked automatically by hitting anti-cheat.
    this could come in handy for servers with 2 admins with Rcon (rust admin tool ) access if one IPban a player with a reason another can see the reason why the player got banned.

  4. Chris94803

    Chris94803 Naked Wanderer

    keeps freezing and disconnecting?
  5. Mythicx4

    Mythicx4 Naked Wanderer

    I need help with RustAdmin. Whenever I use it now and my server is running it will freeze. So now I can't make myself admin! And when I use the cmd that comes up for my server it won't make me admin in the server
  6. Nicholai Balkovec

    Nicholai Balkovec Naked Wanderer

    My RCON tool keeps freezing. Every time I connect to the server it disconnects the freezes, there has to be a fix for this.
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  7. 4chm3d_za

    4chm3d_za Naked Wanderer

    my RCON does not connect at all. My buddy have exact same settings....only steam id diff and he connects...any suggestions?
  8. waayne

    waayne Naked Wanderer

    Hey, am I right if I assume that triggered commands, scheduled commands and player database updates will only occur when the RustAdmin.exe is opened?
  9. Tatra815

    Tatra815 Scavenger

    Seems something went off the rails. I have the same problem, says connected - does not display server details (Freezes) then disconnects.
  10. SpudULike

    SpudULike Naked Wanderer

    Check out the 'logs' folder inside your RustAdmin Folder... :p Mine is full of 'logchat_<date>.log files

    I've added this: <color=#f00>${playerName}</color> to my welcome message and it changes the players tag colour. I know you can add the tags in other scripts.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 6, 2018 ---
    I would also love to know what others have done to get this working. I've managed to scour this forum and find most things, but not the triggered command for chat. :(
  11. worthz

    worthz Naked Wanderer

    My Rustadmin RCON tools kept saying "the program need to be update first" I already tried update both manually and automatically, it doesn't connect still, the same update msg kept poping up when i tried to connect.
  12. Freaqminders

    Freaqminders Wood Hoarder

    still no player list....neither online nor offline... and no ban list, no statistics, just nothing.

    any fix for this?
    i can see in the bottorm right pending command "playerlist" etc won't go out of the list.

    but even when i manually write "playerlist" in console command, nothing happens...

    any solution yet? ty very much
  13. Revezunds

    Revezunds Naked Wanderer

    -Visit RustAdmin - Rust server RCON administration tool
    -Download latest version of Rust Admin Tool
    -Unrar it and overwrite all files in your preexisting installation or Folder of Rust Admin
    By this, you will not lose any setting and also you will have updated version of Rust admin tool

    Happy Gaming!
  14. Whiskers

    Whiskers Naked Wanderer

    Yes, that has been my experience. I don't think Vanilla servers have any means to do custom scheduled commands.
  15. Whiskers

    Whiskers Naked Wanderer

    To the author of Rust Admin. Thank you for finally adding simple sight to Give Actions.
    Really happy to see the new weapons and articles have been added too
    Any idea when Diving gear will be added?
  16. ThisIs4

    ThisIs4 Naked Wanderer

    having the same problem as many others, same old server details, yet connecting for ages, into disconnected, total freeze ! I have to task manager it to close it !
  17. StGeorge1984

    StGeorge1984 Naked Wanderer

    hi all,

    been using Rustadmin desktop for some time successfully. The other day a mate was setting up his server and i was guiding him through setting it up. All of a sudden i cannot connect. So i close the program down and it instantly crashes. I remove login config and fine until i save a new config. Any ideas?
  18. Sasuke -_-

    Sasuke -_- Naked Wanderer

    Server is up, but rust admin won't connect. Please help?
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018 at 11:17 PM
  19. Sasuke -_-

    Sasuke -_- Naked Wanderer

    Also having the same issue as everyone else. Rust admin doesn't connect at all. It attempts to connect, disconnects, then freezes. I also have to task manager to close it.
  20. B3YOURSELF12

    B3YOURSELF12 Naked Wanderer

    For the love of god,I cannot connect rustadmin AT ALL...I am not running the server myself...I can connect from my other pc (that is connected to a different router) but i cannot connect this pc...I am using the experimental option,none of the other options work...It is stuck on "connecting" and it never connects...settings are right...I have allowed connection for ports 28015 and ports 28025 (server and rcon ports) and still nothing...It works on my other pc that is in another router but it seems very strange to me...I have tried everything...
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 13, 2018 at 3:05 AM ---
    Can I contact the developer or can someone experienced,help me?
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