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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 22,840 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.96774/5, 124 likes
  1. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    the displaying of no players is something I find a few people having that problem have not had that myself so not sure what is causing it but at least you can connect now I would had this Rust:IO it goes to the RustDedicated_Data\Managed folder but check your panel you might have the option to install it server needs to be offline first
  2. Pascal 6

    Pascal 6 Wood Hoarder

    Is ban database sharing broken atm? Cant seem to login
  3. frncloud

    frncloud Naked Wanderer

    Is there anything special that is needed for the WebClient log in? I can't seem to log in with the information I set up on the RustAdmin console.
  4. Riddle

    Riddle Shack Builder

    When I click Refresh on the bans tab it shows the bans in console, but the bans list stays empty

    And that ban sharing login was broken here since the beginning, never received any mail after a couple of alerts about it
  5. KazzyPoo

    KazzyPoo Naked Wanderer

    When I connect to my server, it does not show the online players when I navigate to that tab. Doesn't matter how many times I refresh it :( any ideas why that is?
  6. PathogenUK

    PathogenUK Naked Wanderer

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone could help, but I have an issue with my new Rust server and RustAdmin. Console tab is working fine, but chat tab has nothing. Like I can't see any ingame chat, and neither can the other admins in RustAdmin. Any idea? Oxide Plugins installed are:


    Thank you
  7. DeathMori

    DeathMori Naked Wanderer

    Having trouble with powered users. Have player in powered users and checked mute, he restarted his game and he typed in !ra mute 123123129031 test nothing worked. Any tips or tricks let me know Vanilla server.

    RUST JAPAN Naked Wanderer

    I enabled my "send kills events to game chat" but it doesn't seem to be working.
    Help me.
  9. [gRim]Mythorius

    [gRim]Mythorius Naked Wanderer

    Hey, sry my English is rly bad...

    i search a Guide for the Triggered Commands for the Command !Players?

  10. HomieSexual

    HomieSexual Naked Wanderer

    Hey! Im having trouble with a connection. When I type in my ip given by email, my port, and Rcon port, and Rcon password, it keeps saying "not connected" Ive tried everything. Adiing 1's and 2's to the Rcon port, leaving it blank, using my query but nothing works

  11. nnhalo360nn

    nnhalo360nn Naked Wanderer

    Seems the server death notes will not work i dont have pvp on the black list when a player is killed nothing shows in chat. is there anything else im missing
  12. Revg00d

    Revg00d Naked Wanderer

    I've seen updates to this, is this not being monitored any longer? No replies or answers to this issue.
  13. Razor14150

    Razor14150 Master Researcher

    Something isnt right... my server is a 50 person server not a 4,193,104 person server and I would never even try to fake player counts (not worth being blacklisted)
  14. Newb Cakess

    Newb Cakess Naked Wanderer

    I cant get the program to even start, tried newest version, tried the prior 3 versions tried completely removing it from pc and starting over always the same not sure if im doing something wrong any help would be great love this tool!

    Edit: I thought it worth mentioning i have used this tool on this pc before, i upgraded hard drives and this is what i get when i tried to re download the program
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  15. CyriLweB

    CyriLweB Scavenger

    Since the update, one of my consoles crash regularly on any of my moded servers (for my vanilla server I'm not sure, I need to see to confirm).
    And once it has crashed, it is impossible to join the server without restarting the server.
    I use 3 Rustadmin consoles in 3 differents directory but it was not a problem before.

    Any ideas ?
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
  16. PackRat

    PackRat Naked Wanderer

    seems no help is coming for rcon....since the update it keeps saying the program is missing a dll and ive even downloaded an fresh copy on a completely different computer
  17. OfficialRetard

    OfficialRetard Scavenger

    Hiya, now you're working on RA again, it's worth asking.

    The messages that are sent from RA in the chat box, the don't show up in the other admins chat tab. Can that can be fixed. Our end or yours?

  18. CyriLweB

    CyriLweB Scavenger

    My two modded servers are up without restart since 5 am .. I had not launched my Rust Admin consoles of the day. I run only Rust Admin now... and can't connect.. The problem seems to be server side ... I have to restart the server and it's not cool for the players online and the population in games.
    My server Vanilla under oxide with very little plugin does not seem to crash .... Someone has the same problems as me?
  19. Tsuero-Sama

    Tsuero-Sama Naked Wanderer

    Ola .. i've a problem.
    The "Give to player" & "give to me" don't work.
    But the "Give to all player" work with delay.

    Any solution?
  20. QuantumRads

    QuantumRads Naked Wanderer

    Would it be possible to have chat messages logged in a upcoming release? Every time I restart Rust Admin, I lose every chat message. Also, Thank you for making this tool. It really helps for managing rust.
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