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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 23,286 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.96825/5, 126 likes
  1. ^Animal^

    ^Animal^ Wood Hoarder

    Yes all my servers are set to rcon.web=1 in their Commandline and in RustAdmin i am also using webrcon.
    I have 3 other admins who have the same issues, we all run different antivirus and all but 1 use windows 10, The other is still using windows 7.
  2. Radiic

    Radiic Naked Wanderer

    Ever since the new update a couple of weeks ago, none of my players show up under the players tab. I do NOT have any filters. My server info does not show on the Console/Server config area both sets of information do continue to scroll in the console window. Since none of the players show I cannot use the Players/actions and give objects to players or tele anyone to anyone. Everything worked perfect before the update. I have tried a fresh download and still the same. server.maxplayers 50 is there . Any help would be great.

  3. Radiic

    Radiic Naked Wanderer

  4. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    It's not due to RA. Based on your screenshots I can tell that you are using some sort of plugins on your server that messes up with RA. Try to disable your plugins one by one and you can find the one causing this
  5. concept

    concept Naked Wanderer

    I had the same problem it came from the plugin "logger".
  6. Radiic

    Radiic Naked Wanderer

    Thanks for the input. I wound up unloading each plugin and even checking versions to make sure they were up to date. Still had the same problem. For me I am running a server thru Gameservers, and I wound up doing a reinstall of my server. With a fresh copy and nothing patched I was able to connect and see me as a player in the list. Great thought i had it fixed and would apply a mod at a time until i found the one. Nope. As soon as i applied the Oxide 2 patch that is available on the Gameservers mod page, it broke it. My mods will work but not the player list. I am writing this to save someone else some time, just in case your using Gameservers for you server. I turned in a ticket to see if they can make sure the patch is correct, who knows tomorrow is wipe day maybe they will get the right one, maybe not.
  7. Gbutome02

    Gbutome02 Naked Wanderer

    Hello everyone .. Since the update, if I BAN a player and later I wish the BEBAN, no worries for the day cepanadant in my RustAdmin the player remains in the box BAN while I BEBAN. He is well DEBAN in game but remains in the BAN colone on my RustAdmin. Someone to help me ?? Thank you in advance. PS: Sorry for my English, I'm French. ;)
  8. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Are you sure you have refreshed your banslist after unbanning him ? (I love the "cepanadant" (I'm French too ^^))
  9. Gbutome02

    Gbutome02 Naked Wanderer

    yes i'm refresh BAN List in the panal rustadmin.
  10. concept

    concept Naked Wanderer

    Gbutome02 and if you deban it with rustadmin?
  11. Nicholai Balkovec

    Nicholai Balkovec Naked Wanderer

    Dude, the thing isn't loading anymore.... just freezes up and I can't do anything with it anymore...
    100% broken right now

    Literally everytime I try to input my server info then click connect it does nothing
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  12. Lordchaan

    Lordchaan Naked Wanderer

    Hi all, i would like to use the "PVP kill" statistical to send it in game by RCon Panel is it possible you think ?
  13. nova293

    nova293 Naked Wanderer

    i need help with rustadmin i'm tring to connect to my other server but its not connecting i double even triple checked that all the info was right but it is still not working its a dedicated server and i'm tring to connect to one of the servers on main server "im a doing something wrong"
  14. SpudULike

    SpudULike Naked Wanderer

    I think you're on about the 'Enable' check box beneath the 'Send kills events to game chat' IF you enable this, you will see <playername> was killed by <playername> in game chat.
  15. Tsuero-Sama

    Tsuero-Sama Naked Wanderer

    Hello for some day I have a problem with the "give" of Rustadmin.
    Indeed while everything worked. I did not manage to give an item to a specific player.
    The "giveall" still works despite everything.
    Can you help me?
  16. Chris94803

    Chris94803 Naked Wanderer

    keeps disconnecting and freezing?
  17. Revg00d

    Revg00d Scavenger

    The autokick Family Share accounts isn't working reliably anymore. I am getting some that get kicked for it, and some that show having it in the list but still playing. i asked one player and he said he just made a new family share account when it kicked him and it let him in. I have about 5 players that have been able to play on Family Share accounts. Due to a particular player causing repeated issues, this autokick is a must have. Any suggestions?
  18. KazzyPoo

    KazzyPoo Naked Wanderer

    I just got this tool as I'm dissatisfied with Rusty, but it won't connect to my server, and upon trying it freezes and crashes out.
  19. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    post info you put into connection info also where is server being hosted
  20. KazzyPoo

    KazzyPoo Naked Wanderer

    IP is
    Port is 28216
    RCON Port is 28217
    and the password is my rcon password, something I set up personally.

    It's hosted in New York, New York. It's set to connect with Web Rcon, as my command line includes +rcon.web 1

    It finally manages to connect but will not display a player list nor can I use any of the tools. All I can use is the command line itself.