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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 22,840 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.96774/5, 124 likes
  1. Zivian11111

    Zivian11111 Naked Wanderer

    I was looking at the RustAdmin logs today and I noticed that a player was killed by a PVE event labeled
    [79565/1940331]. What does this mean?
  2. Lexi Diamond ♦

    Lexi Diamond ♦ Naked Wanderer

    How do i reset all the players hours on server ?
  3. neomacho

    neomacho Naked Wanderer

    Hi, I would like to know if i can download / save all the logs and details in the rustAdmin tool?
  4. thepiercedweirdo

    thepiercedweirdo Shack Builder

    It seems like after I installed better chat the chat tab stopped grabbing the in game chat. Is there a setting I can change to get this back?
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    You'd need to update the filter for it, see uMod Forums.
    thepiercedweirdo likes this.
  6. thepiercedweirdo

    thepiercedweirdo Shack Builder

    Thank you.
  7. l0gden

    l0gden Naked Wanderer

    I keep getting the 0xc000007b issue, I had to put in MSVCP140.dll but still not fixed.
  8. TwigNoMetal

    TwigNoMetal Naked Wanderer

    I have a question:

    - Since yesterday i have betterchat running with betterchatfilter but some how i dont see any chat anymore in Rustadmin. I see people chatting on console tab of rust admin but no text in rustadmin chat tab.

    Anyone knows how this happen or what to do?
  9. Pedro-NF

    Pedro-NF Naked Wanderer

    I started a Rust server in January and have been using RustAdmin since then with no problems, except that it always gives me an error when trying to connect to the DB Sharing system. The server is 100% vanilla. Does the account that I created on RustAdmin.com need to be activated or something like that?
  10. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    Yes the coder here needs to turn it on so best to pm him he will tell you what info he will need
  11. Darkangel

    Darkangel Naked Wanderer

    I just downloaded the program and it is stating it fails to load due to qt platform plugin window in couldn't be found. I have redownloaded 3 times and get same thing everytime
  12. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

  13. Wilhelm Aranoja

    Wilhelm Aranoja Scavenger

    I have huge problem with run RustAdmin tool. 1st time when i try to run them they send me message about mising DLL file from the SYS32 And SYS64 file from me Win7 folders. So i go to www and download them and install.. After that RustAdmin send me Error "Aplication cannot be runing (0xc000007b)" me bad i not remember what fille i download and put to the win folders... Can somewone help me with this?
  14. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    You need to download the install program from micosoft downloading a file from a website will give you a virus
  15. logikgear

    logikgear Scavenger

    question deleted. I'm a dummy.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  16. KaosBass

    KaosBass Naked Wanderer

    So my RCON seems to be connected all fine, and I can see the console in the client, but that's about it... Any ideas? (Screen shots attached)
  17. SpudULike

    SpudULike Naked Wanderer

    It's not connected fine, if it were you would have the players down the bottom right like 'players: 12/50'. Normally when that happens to me, I need to restart the RustAdmin tool, but you may have other issues
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 27, 2018 ---
    I have just reinstalled RustAdmin and lost the bit of information that zoomed my console. I cannot remember where I found it or if it was a command or configuration, but if anyone does know, can they reply here. I have searched the forums, but I believe it wasn't in here, more in the release notes.
  18. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Vfloyd updated RustAdmin RCON Tool with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. Crushed

    Crushed Shack Builder


    REALLY glad to see it getting updated again!
    Thanks for that! .
    And i got already a question- The Rust Admin DB for bans... i tried many times to register/Login Never worked..
    can i get some help maybe
  20. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Hi, just contact me in pm and provide your account details I'll tell you what's going on.