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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 23,282 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.96825/5, 126 likes
  1. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Vfloyd submitted a new resource:

    RustAdmin Tool - Efficient tool to manage your server and its players (written in c++)

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  2. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

  3. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

  4. And exactly what's is the difference between this one and Rusty Tool?
    It has the same basic functions...

    Could you add an option near the PvP ON and OFF to make the structures indestructible and go back to normal? That would help events a lot.
  5. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Vfloyd updated RustAdmin Tool with a new update entry:

    Anti-cheat system implementation

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    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 29, 2014 ---
    Sorry I didn't see your question.

    The differences with rusty :

    - RustAdmin is more convenient to use (Features quickly accessible with a simple right click).
    - You have an anti cheat system in RustAdmin that you don't have in Rusty (see full description for more details)
    - In RustAdmin you can ban a player even if he is not connected.
    - You have also the possibility to filter the log view.

    The Pvp on/off feature has been added.
  6. Thank you for the information.
    The anti cheat was a great addon.
  7. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

  8. Can´t get it to connect.
    Query Port should be 0.
    There´s no field to input the PORT of the server.
    And it won´t connect just with the IP.
    Any solution for this?
  9. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    You don't have query port on your server ??
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 29, 2014 ---
    Try to set the server port into Query port field. Maybe it's just a vocabulary problem. Let me know if it works.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
  10. I´ve already tried that.

    My configuration with the Rusty Tool is (the X is in place of some numbers for security):
    IP: 108.xx.xxx.xx
    Port: 28016
    Query Port: 0

    I use Game Servers services.
  11. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Can you send me by pm your real IP so that I try from my computer ? I don't want the rcon of course
  12. Hatemail

    Hatemail Plugin Developer

    Query port is normally your server port +1 that's all that rusty is doing when you place a 0.
  13. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Thank you, that's what I've just implemented. I'm going to release the fix.
  14. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

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  15. When i click GIVE TO, in the items buttons, the player's list shows on bottom of the screen.

    This is the part i don't like Rusty... give items for myself, for exemple, is extremely slow.
    If i am running a vanilla server and i want to run an event for 10 players, it should be easy to give items and teleport those players.

    This solution you managed works. Just need this small fix.
  16. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Sorry, I'm not english and I don't understand exactly what you mean. If you need a button for quickly giving to yourself, it is available in the last version 1.7.

    Otherwise please try to explain me by another way (sorry)
  17. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

  18. Can you add the feature to allow teleport to coordinates?
  19. Vfloyd

    Vfloyd Airdrop Stalker

    Oh I see ! I think that you would like to have the possibility to edit the locations displayed in the menu ? I will add a feature to edit locations via the interface. Waiting this, you can edit the file locations.ini manually if you want.
  20. Not only to edit the locations, but to be able to insert new locations and teleport to coordinated X, Y, Z. Like this feature in Rusty (picture attached).