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    Wulf Community Admin

    Due to recent (and past) events and circumstances, I just wanted to point out a few things regarding private and paid plugins, as well as a few of our forum rules and general purpose of this forum.

    • When looking for private development work or a paid plugin, please be smart and cautious with who you are dealing with. Seeking out recommendations before deciding on a developer would be advised, but make sure to follow the established forum rules when doing so.

    • Make sure to use a reliable and reputable payment method and avoid sharing any personally identifiable information. You never know who is behind the computer, even if they may make magical plugins.

    • Keep in mind that third-party marketplaces as well as paid plugins are unsupported here. Please use the site you purchased them from or contact the author directly if you have any issues, questions, or concerns. Threads or posts about any non-public plugins will be removed at the descretion of the moderators and/or admin.

    • If you are developing a plugin or doing development work for someone in exchange for money, please be sure to follow through with your work and provide support as needed. If issues arise from a particular user where it is causing distress or otherwise abusing of fellow members, actions will be taken, which may involve account warnings, temporary ban, or permanent ban from all Oxide-related services and sites.

    • While we discourage and do not accept direct copying (or forks) of code from other developers, we aren't going to deny a plugin being released if it shares a similar feature set one not released here. We encourage plugins to developed and shared freely, though we understand that developers would often like to get more compensation for their time spent that is often rare.

    • First and foremost, this is a support forum for the Oxide project and plugins provided on it. This is not a platform for disputing private issues or other matters. We're here to support the project and its users with related matters and issues with it, not to mediate private transactions. If you are experiencing a sensitive issue that would otherwise cause issues if posted publicly, please request that an administrator contact you privately. Keep in mind that conversations are not for general support issues or specific plugin-related help, so please do not abuse this.

    This may not cover everything, but hopefully it touches most of the key points and concerns. As always, this is subject to and at the descretion of the moderators and/or site admin. We're here to provide support and develop something fun, so let's not make it stressful and unpleasant! :p

    Tl;dr... be careful, be good, don't cause issues, don't get put in the corner.
  2. So I guess this means no action will be taken against someone who steals and lies from another oxide member , even when a person has stone cold proof ? So it’s oxides stance to just turn the other cheek and not do anything When a crime has been committed and proven ? What other communities have done with these situations is have a specific forum that is monitored and if a situation arises then a buyer or the seller can post his side with and evidence he or she has. Thus providing a buyer beware for the community . Wulf I respect what your saying and will abide by your rules but in my opinion you can not just turn the other cheek and not allow at minimum some kinda of warning or a way that we can share our experience may they be good or bad with another member in reguards to something that directly envolves oxide . Yes buying and selling a plug-in using oxides code and implemtation methods directly involves oxide . So I am a little confused how on one side you encourage the market but then when something comes up negative you don’t want to deal with it or even be envolved in mediation . As the old saying goes .... you can’t have your cake and eat it too. With all due respect
  3. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    As mentioned in the original messages to you and the first post of this thread, we're not here to mediate private matters, but if it becomes a recurring issue with a particular member, then action will be taken at our discretion. We may consider some sort of reputation system down the road, but likely not on the current site and not until we work out a solid solution to handle the many issues surrounding this sort of thing.
  4. be honest here funky it has nothing to do with Oxide.You made the decision to hire a coder so any issues lays at your door.
    Just because u contacted them on this forum does not make this forum responsible for your decisions.
    I see where Wulf is coming from now,as you are trying to make your Issue - his Issue.