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  1. sKilloWsky

    sKilloWsky Wood Hoarder

    Hello, Sometimes more players have a problem, they do not appear totems in the base and boxes.
    I have a server on an OVH machine, CPU usage at 100/100 players reaches 80% on one core. Maybe there is a command for better rendering on the server?
  2. CaptainNebulous

    CaptainNebulous Shack Builder

    There really is no way currently to get a 100 player server to run well. After thorough testing I've determined that once you get above 50 players even, you start running into game-breaking lag issues... even after changing settings to increase performance. 60 is about the absolute highest you want to go and even that is too high for the current build... which is why most experienced admins have resorted to going back to 50.