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  1. XxRADENxX

    XxRADENxX Wood Hoarder

    can anyone help me stop people from using mods on my server and auto ban them when it detects api use to many hackers in this game
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    I don't think the server has any way to know if that the client is modified or not.
  3. Netzulo

    Netzulo Naked Wanderer

    im investing this well documented event OnFrame

    Oxide API for The Forest

    When a player use mod to create items, i see on server console error many errors throwed, so... with real error handling by frame, maybe can handle this troll players
  4. Bananas for sale

    Bananas for sale Wood Hoarder

    Rust fine but i like how you can mod the forest. Its small game with server up to 8 ppl for fun I am happy because you can use mods. When checked this thread i was unhappy because someone cna fix this but still works.