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Playtime Tracker

Tracks playtime and AFK time of players with a built-in reward system

Total Downloads: 3,453 - First Release: Sep 9, 2016 - Last Update: Nov 10, 2017

5/5, 10 likes
  1. s3r4

    s3r4 Scavenger

    - - -
    How to clear all playtime_data?
    Bc simple file delete, don't help me :(

    because /s (ServerRewards) show me 190 hours on the server, and /pinfo, PlayerRanking, show me 140,why?
  2. Ts3hosting

    Ts3hosting Plugin Developer

    i like the /refer <playername> but can you add in to not allow them to do this unless in friends list /friends plugin? because every user can just /refer <playername> anyone.
  3. s3r4

    s3r4 Scavenger

    UP 2!
    - - -
    How to clear all playtime_data?
    Bc simple file delete, don't help me :(

    because /s (ServerRewards) show me 190 hours on the server, and /pinfo, PlayerRanking, show me 140,why?
  4. Ts3hosting

    Ts3hosting Plugin Developer

    No need to keep posting this over others posts. yours will get noticed and if someone had the answer will anser it...
  5. s3r4

    s3r4 Scavenger

    first question 13 jan..
  6. Ts3hosting

    Ts3hosting Plugin Developer

    Each plugin tracks playtime with playtimetracker it tracks afk time separately i think you can disable that option in the config.

    on another note
    s3r4,Jan 17, 2017 your post
    then my post
    then copy of your post again
  7. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Either shutdown the server and delete the datafile from oxide/data or unload the plugin and delete the datafile from oxide/data. Both will work, the plugin just can't be loaded at the time.
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  8. Saxxoo

    Saxxoo Shack Builder

    would it be possible to have players get added to specific usergroups depending on how much time they played on the server?
  9. nickname.

    nickname. Wood Hoarder

    Players cant get reward point after new update
  10. nickname.

    nickname. Wood Hoarder

    Sry now all right
  11. Saxxoo

    Saxxoo Shack Builder

    Instead of having to type command for every single player to check their playtime, would it be possible to make it so you could see an overview of all it keep track of?
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  12. {CFH} diablo09

    {CFH} diablo09 Scavenger

    Request: Could you please add an option to list out play times of all players on the server. E.g., like say playtime all or /playtime all.
  13. Vlad-00003

    Vlad-00003 Plugin Developer

    Why does SavePermission() Only get called in the ptt add command? Deleting permission would do nothing - it will get back after plugin reload.....
  14. Lelendoo

    Lelendoo Scavenger

    Hi, error with the last version:
    | Error while compiling PlaytimeTracker.cs(480,4): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `end-of-file', expecting `(', `:', `{', or `where'

    sorry, my mistake. Delete the config file. works fine. sorry.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2017
  15. StreetDog

    StreetDog Shack Builder

    @k1lly0u can be this added to the Plugin?

    I want to have a Top for the playtime, like the Loyalty plugin. As this plugin is taking the total playtime will be nice to see the top, without install a new plugin.
  16. yannick10012

    yannick10012 Shack Builder

    Maybe a nice feature to add for the referral part of this plugin. People are kind of abusing this plugin by referring each other when joining the server. Can it be made so that if you refer someone, he can't refer you back?
  17. k1lly0u

    k1lly0u Plugin Developer

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  18. StreetDog

    StreetDog Shack Builder

    thanks for the top !!

    Some users have this format:
    Unnamed - 127:34:25
    Can be possible to add the Steam ID for identify that users?

    And can be added a Reset for cleanup the times?
  19. Lund

    Lund Naked Wanderer

    Hi. I seem to have a bit of an issue.
    The rewards part is working fine. But for some reason the reward ticks after 60 seconds. The way i've configured, it should only occur every 5 minutes.

    Here is my config

    Code (Text):
      "Options": {
        "SaveTimer": 15,
        "TrackAFKTime": true
      "ReferralSystem": {
        "IssueRewardForReferral": true,
        "UseReferralSystem": true
      "RewardSystem": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "Points": {
          "Playtime_Points": 10,
          "Playtime_PointTimer": 300,
          "Referral_InvitePoints": 5,
          "Referral_JoinPoints": 3
        "RewardPlugins": {
          "Hurtworld": {
            "Economy": false
          "Rust": {
            "Economics": false,
            "ServerRewards": true
          "Universal": {
            "UEconomics": false
        "SendDepositMessage": true
  20. G9X-SA✪

    G9X-SA✪ Scavenger

    how can i remove some one from top 10 player ?